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Keratoconus Disorder

Keratoconus is an eye disorder affecting the cornea, which gradually thins out before bulging into a cone-like shape. This distortion can cause visual problems like myopia, hyperopia or blurred vision. As it is a progressive, degenerative disorder, measures must be put into place to control and manage it.

Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Keratoconus appears to have a genetic component, although a precise cause has not yet been found. Symptoms include blurred or distorted vision, eye redness or swelling, and increased sensitivity to light. As the disorder progresses, the blurring and distortion worsens, associated myopia or astigmatism worsens, and contact lenses cannot be worn comfortably any longer.

Eyes on Brighton offer ways to manage keratoconus at our Brighton clinic, beginning with a thorough assessment. This is done by mapping the cornea using corneal topography imaging, allowing us to make an accurate diagnosis.

Your optometrist will then discuss the keratoconus management options available to you, which may initially just be a pair of prescription glasses. Once the condition progresses, rigid gas permeable lenses may be appropriate, offering clear vision in a comfortable manner.

Corneal cross linking may also be an available option, which is undertaken by a qualified ophthalmologist.
If you have been looking to better manage your keratoconus, Brighton locals can count on Eyes on Brighton. Your eye health is our primary concern, so make sure to book an appointment with us today.



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